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Metatron calls the angel tablet the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe. But is it really? I will never be over the powerful symbolism of it shattering to pieces just as Dean’s dying body falls over in defeat. The pieces lay at Castiel’s feet, as Metatron enters the room, which is exactly where his heart would also end up moments later when Metatron reveals that Dean is dead.

What the angel tablet truly represents is Heaven, in all it’s complexities. All that power, granting the one who possesses it with the power of God. When Cas pulled the tablet from Metatron’s typewriter, and dropped it to the ground to shatter, without a moments hesitation, this was him once and for all making his choice. This was him, as persephoneshadow said in chat earlier, tearing up the pages of the story once again.

Dean’s existence is more essential to Cas than Heaven or angelic duties. His existence more profound than the word of God. They shattered together, but one was always more important than the other. Because to Cas, Dean has been the most important thing to ever happen. His father’s most important creation.

Dean was where it all began. His fall, his rebellion, his ability to embrace and understand free will. It was not the word of God that showed him the way, it was Dean Winchester. One human, one man, for whom he would shatter God’s word again and again for the slightest chance it would save his life.

So what is the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe? It is a word, but not one written down on any tablet. It is simply…love. Love that causes one to fall, to grow, to gain knowledge and sacrifice everything for something — or someone — they believe in. Love that has the ability to make an angel feel, cry, grieve. Love that is cosmic and transformative.

Dean may have shattered right along with the tablet, but Castiel will only be interested in piecing one of them back together again. Love, the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe, is what will bring Dean Winchester back to himself once again.


Anonymous asked:

Could I have your recipe for Brussels sprouts and kale chips please? :)


Yeah!! Really easy!!

Ok so. Brussels Sprouts

Baking pan: check. Aluminum foil: check. Olive oil: check. Brussels Sprouts: check. Aaaaaand seasoning: check. Ooh and pre-heat oven to 400.

Put aluminum foil on baking pan. Spread some olive oil on it. Knife the brussels sprouts in half. Put on aluminum foil that’s on the baking pan. Start getting your hands into it and swoosh it all around. Getting the olive oil all over the brussels sprouts as well. Wash hands. It’ll be difficult to handle anything else if you don’t. >.< Now if desired, season the brussels sprouts however you choose. I personally put garlic salt and pepper on them. I’m generous with the garlic salt, per my doctor :) Put in pre-heated oven for 20-25min or until brown. I like em crispy <3

Kale Chips

Sooooo pretty much the same exact thing as above except change “brussels sprouts” to “kale” and instead of “knifing in halves”, just tear the leaves from the stem and into small to medium sized bits before swirling them around in the olive oil. They will shrink so size accordingly. Also something to note - wash the kale the day before and make sure they are 100% dry when put in the oven. If not, they will burn to a crisp. 

keep calm


om nom on!

Yeah, I just said that. :)

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